How to Deep Clean/Sanitize Your Makeup Kit and Apply Makeup Hygienically

Hi Bellas,

As we’re all trying to stay sane and healthy amongst the current Corona Virus crises, I thought it might be helpful to really show you how to sanitize and deep clean your makeup kit and the right way to hygienically apply makeup to your clients. I just finished deep cleaning my kit and I feel really great that I was able to do this during a time when I’m not currently working with clients or out teaching makeup classes.

Here are some of the items I recommended to keep your kit and makeup application sanitary and clean:

Parian Spirit brush cleaner spray (contains orange oil to help get rid of makeup stains) and large bottle to refill 
Cinema Secrets brush cleaner spray large bottle 
Beauty so clean sanitizing mist 
Da blot beauty finger palette
Alone wedge sponges
Brush cup that zips
Plastic Dropper bottles to put skincare and foundation
Vueset container for false lashes

FTC Disclosure: Amazon affiliate links included where I receive a small % based on purchases. I am not being paid by a sponsor to make this video.