What’s In My Makeup Traincase

Hi Bellas,

This goes out to all my Makeup Artists and Junkies out there or to my clients who want to see what’s in my Makeup Traincase.  I still love watching other MUA’s What’s In My Kit Videos.  I filmed a recent update showing you how I’m back to using my Zuca with some really awesome extra accessories and storage.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

If you want to see a detailed product by product what’s in my kit video, check out the most recent videos below.

I purchased the Zuca Beauty Caddy in Black from Amazon

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Check out my post for my hack on false eyelash storage using the Vueset Case

Here are some shots of my Zuca.

I added additional zuca bags and pouches to maximize space in the stacking main compartment.

Top View of Zuca with Black Beauty Caddies on the side and built in seat cushion.  You can see that they’re attached with velcro straps.  You can still use the Zuca side pockets if you unvelcro the straps. I have my light tripod tucked into the side pocket.

This side of the beauty caddy has a buckle with a large compartment where I hold wipes and miscellaneous items.  It also has a mesh compartment on the outside for small items you want to see and grab quickly.

On this side, the beauty caddy has a zipper and an insulated cooler compartment where you can keep drinks, snacks, or makeup products you don’t want to melt in outdoor conditions.

My Traincase – Zuca Sport Pro with Beauty Caddy.

Hope you all enjoyed!

Makeup Artist Series: How to Correctly Match Foundation Every Time

foundation match

Hi Bellas,

I’m back with another video in the Makeup Artist Series.  One of the hardest things to do for both makeup artists and makeup wearers is getting the right foundation match.  There are many variables from shade, to undertone to coverage and finish.  With this video I show you how to match any person no matter how light or dark, how young or old using my fail proof method.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

L’Oreal hooked me up with all 45 shades of their True Match line, a classic foundation that is super easy to use.  I think this is a great foundation for everyday and really easy to use on beginners.  The formula is satin and medium coverage.

The color system makes finding your shade pretty simple.  It’s broken down into warm, neutral and cool and then you go from small numbers (lighters) to higher numbers (darkest).  You can see how #4 which I consider a medium shade looks different between neutral, cool and warm.

I’m in the warm series, generally more fair skin tones have pink undertones and fall into the cool series, while those right in the middle are considered neutral.  Check out the video to see how to color  stripe and find your perfect match.

You can find L’Oreal True Match foundation in the makeup aisle of your local drugstore.  For reference I’m shade W6.

If you’re interesting in learning more about foundation matching, check out Industry Makeup Academy where I teach the night and weekend classes.

Atlanta Makeup Artist

New at Industry Makeup Academy – Expanded Hours and Program

atlanta makeup school

Hi Bellas,

I have some exciting news.  At Industry Makeup Academy we’re expanding our Makeup Artist Professional Certification Course to include 60 Hour and 100 Hour certifications.  Our students have the choice to apply for the different courses based on requirements from certain brands to qualify for professional programs with the added bonus of more portfolio building.  Check out the new options below!


What’s the difference in the 60 and 100 Hour Makeup Artist Certification?

What qualifies a Makeup Artist as a Pro? Since there are no regulated number of required hours to complete a certification, our industry sets the standards. Big brands such as M.A.C., IMATS, Makeup Artist Magazine and Make Up For Ever have certain standards that must be obtained in order for them to consider you for their pro discount programs. As these industry standards vary across the brands, Industry Makeup Academy offers the hours needed for whichever level of professionalism the prospective Makeup Artist desires achieve. The 60 and 100 hour certifications are very similar. The key differences are the number of hours required and additional industry skills. Either certification will provide the proof of makeup artistry training.

The 60 hour Makeup Certification is best for: Those that are solely seeking a makeup certification. These students generally have a goal of opening a makeup studio, developing a product line, bridal freelancing, retail, or any general freelancing. This certification includes the number of hours required for discounts with retailers such as Costumes Etc, Norcostco, and several others. This certification offers a more affordable option and can be upgraded at a later date. 1 Photo Shoot included. This MUA certification document says “Makeup Artist Certification, 60 Hours”

The 100 Hour Certification is the most inclusive certification and meets the industry standard for minimum hours needed for many high demand brands and provides added benefits.

The 100 hour Makeup Certification is best for: Those that are seeking the most advanced makeup certification. These students have goals such as opening a makeup studio, bridal freelancing, creating a cosmetics line, tv and film, editorial, and seek better discounts with retailers.

The additional hours offer more in-class time and includes 10 portfolio photo opportunities with weekly photo shoots. Also, to qualify for major discounts, such as, Makeup Artist Magazine, IMATS, M.A.C. and FRENDS, the additional hours are required. The Master MUA certification document says “Makeup Artist Certification, 100 Hours”


5 Week Schedule- 60 Hours

Monday, Tuesday (Unless otherwise noted)

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

​Tuition/Fees:  $2995 ($575 Kit Included for a limited time)​


5 Week Schedule- 60 Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Unless otherwise noted)

6:00 PM – 9:30 PM

​Tuition/Fees:  $2995 ($575 Kit Included for a limited time)


5.5 Week Schedule- 100 Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Unless otherwise noted)

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Tuition/Fees:  $4490 ($575 Kit Included a limited time)


2 Weekends – 32 Hours

Saturday, Sunday (x2) (Schedule offered quarterly)

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM​

Tuition/Fees:  $2495 ($575 Kit Included for a limited time)

To register and learn more, visit www.ima-atlanta.com and use coupon code REN16 for a discount off registration.