Mother of the Bride Makeup

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share you makeup from a wedding I did recently.  My first of 2021!  It was nice getting back to work in a safe and controlled environment.  I did the makeup for the Mother of the Bride and it turned out gorgeous.  Check it out!

A couple of requests from my client, she wanted matte skin, bronze eyes, a matte brown lip, and she wanted glam.  She is so naturally gorgeous I could’ve sworn she was the bride!

Here’s the before and after:

Eyes closed – I went for a bronze eye with a little bit of smoke.
I used some new products I picked up during the Holidays.  Some great new products I recommend include the Beauty Bakerie Brownie Palette for bronzing blush and highlight and the Natasha Denona Peak Palette in Peak.
I can’t wait to share pictures of the bride, coming soon!


Microblading – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Hi Guys,

One of the most popular beauty procedures that is taking over is Microblading.  I have many clients who have done it and asked questions and I thought I would finally try it out.   I’m here to share my honest experience – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

As background info, I have known my Microblader Nalani for years.  She actually did my makeup for my bridal shower and bachelorette and was a very popular makeup artist before transitioning full time into microblading.  I’ve been stalking her work for years before I decided to go for it.  If you or a client decides to hire a Microblader, make sure to check out their before and after pictures and healing pictures and well.  FYI, you also can’t be pregnant or breastfeeding so I booked the service after my daughter turned 1 year and was done nursing.

This is the before and after the day of the procedure.

This is the day after the Procedure, nothing on my brows.  The brows started to darken already.

This is 5 Days after the Procedure, nothing on my brows

Here is the before, after and 21 days healed.

The Procedure

The process took about 3 hours for me.  This was from discussing and sketching the brow shape and color, to the numbing then shading and microblading.

Rating the Pain

I wasn’t sure how I would react to the painfulness of the “tattoo”.  I got the combo method with is ombre micro shading which she does to fill in the shape.  That hurt very little especially with the numbing gel.  The microblading was focused on the front of my brows and that part definitely hurt.  You could feel that it was deeper and felt like longer scrapes.  I think it was overall tolerable though and it wouldn’t deter me from doing it again.

Healing Process

The healing process was easy.  It got a little itchy around day 7 and felt a teeny bit tight but otherwise the hardest part was not getting them wet.  I didn’t start to peel until after about a week.  I’d say it took about 11 days for everything to peel off.  During the healing process, I made sure not to apply makeup to or around my brow area and avoided getting them wet.  This is to ensure that your result does not get infected and will implant properly.

Final Look

I think the brows look very natural.  I love how they don’t even look like I had something done.  I do notice that the shape is not as crisp and I think there will be some touch up that will need to be done at my next appointment in January.  They recommend you go back after about 4 weeks to a few months in order for the look to last.

I’m excited to show you the pictures after my first touch up in about a month.  Stay tuned!

If you’re interested in booking Nalani aka BeautyBott at the Beaute District, visit to book appointments and look at the different services which also include other procedures and types of brow and tattooing services.  She also has junior artists as Nalani is often booked 6 months ahead.  Tell them I sent you and make sure and send me pics if you end up signing up!  Totally not sponsored by gotta support my girl!

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